YXMICRO Difference

Global Distribution Network

With the best efficiency and the best price to serve the world.

Global channel

Through the accumulation of our industry, and under the professional evaluation, we have reliable channels all over the world. Our global influence can help customers accurately understand the market and efficiently match the source channels.

Efficient cooperation

Flexible market allocation provides customers with round-the-clock support, and global response to your purchasing needs and understanding of global usage.

Logistics Support

Cooperate with world-class quality assurance processes to present customers with timely and accurate transportation. At the same time, all our goods have a one-year warranty.

Customer-Focused Supply
Chain Systems

Accurate database

YXMICRO have more years of industry experience, and sensitive industry insight, make us promptly adjust solution project when facing changeable and complicated market condition. Especially in fluctuation of price and shortage of stock, we can remind our clients arrange in advance, and assist them to do contingent response strategy.

Respond flexibly to demand

YXMICRO tracks the needs of all customers in real time, which allows us to give our customers maximum support in terms of price and quantity. For end customers,especially good at schedule order. Receive the best products at the lowest cost to cooperate with the customer's project progress.

Full Solutions Suite

Save profits

Diversified and trusted channels give customers more choices. In order to better protect the capital flow of enterprises, flexible and customizable payment methods are provided.

Match your Bom List

Still worrying about the difficulty of docking with the many suppliers that offer Bom List? Leave it to us. Our supply chain can help you access the entire Bom List, thereby reducing unnecessary risks.

Different solutions for different customers

We have professional staff and industry-leading partners in handling demand, clearing inventory, quality inspection of goods and tracking the real-time situation of the industry.

Our team

Passion makes us difference

Our team brings together customer experts, global merchandise managers, local experts, management excellence organizations, and experienced employees. We also regularly visit conferences, exhibitions or symposia around the world. Meet and share knowledge with people from various companies and industries. Let's operate in the international industry and bring other players around the world.

About Us

Shenzhen Yuxing Micro Technology Co., Ltd. has cooperated with many multinational enterprises since its establishment, and is your best supplier choice. YXMICRO develops supply chain solutions for customers in many industries. Our hybrid distribution model enables our customer base to use us for different strategic topics: from design at the R & D stage to cost-saving solutions and shortage solutions, we serve our customers. Customers today need flexible partners who can bring evolving solutions to market. This is what we pretend to bring to the market: we are distributors. Our team can provide solutions for CPLD / FPGA, MCU, DSP, Memory / Flash. We have offices and warehouses around the world, and we are open 24/7 to help you with your procurement and pricing of electronic components.
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